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Our 2021 Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Our 2021 Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Our 2021 Scavenger Hunt Winners!
18 June 2021
Massive well done to those who figured out our clues and found the hidden Message in a Bottle throughout last week! But also, we want to thank everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt, we were overwhelmed at the amount of people who got involved within the local community.

We had such great fun creating this scavenger hunt and lovely to see people have fun with it too, out enjoying the weather and the long awaited company of friends/loved ones.

Without further ado, our Inverclyde Gin Scavenger Hunt 2021 winners...


You'll need this mode of transportation,
To be able to travel beyond the port.
However, this particular one has never left land,
Its not exactly a 'functioning' boat.

Crashing through waves of stainless steel,
its bow amongst pathways flowers and grass,
perhaps driving through Port Glasgow,
is where you'll have seen it last...

ANSWER: The Endeavour Monument

OUR WINNER: Laura McCairn


There once was a gin great to sip,
bottles sent out ship by ship.
Inspired by the tide
"Should've been called Ginverclyde"
You may find some by the kip

ANSWER: The Inverkip Marina

OUR WINNER: Val Campbell


I know this place with spectacular views
where people would go to great lengths to do
If you take up the activity you'll feel refreshed
As a note awaits you will be impressed.
So go on and take a dip for the chance to win a little sip.

ANSWER: Gourock Outdoor Pool

OUR WINNER: Margaret Munn


If you want to win then you may find,
A castle near the Clyde where ghosts are said to hide
Living near some big ships that come in tide by tide
Might not be quite 'Noahs Ark' but we'll let that slide
So take a chance and you may find a little note at the waterside.

ANSWER: The Newark Castle

OUR WINNER: Billy Heron


Back in darker times, sailed some large French rigs,

forced to flee their homes, they made Inverclyde their digs.

Strong and brave, humble and tough,

They wanted to help the war effort although times were rough.

In rememberance of these folk, a cross was erected,

Atop this elevation, we can remember all of those affected.

Beautiful scenery can be seen far and wide,

Up here is where you'll find the Gin of Inverclyde.

ANSWER: Lyle Hill Anchor

WINNER: Moya Galbraith


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