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Our Story - Inverclyde Gin

To encapsulate Inverclyde, we focused on our coast.

We wanted to create a spirit to reflect everything the locals know and love about the area. Our gin is distilled in Scotland and infused with 8 different botanicals; Juniper, Coriander Seed, Angelica, Orris Root, Bramble, Sweet orange, Samphire but most importantly Sea Buckthorn to give it that sea salt, nautical aroma.

The Bottle

We've had local people involved in every stage of the process - particularly with the design of the bottle, as we wanted to capture Inverclyde as best we could. Each part of our bottle design was carefully crafted to hold significance in our local ethos.

The History of Inverclyde

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century Inverclyde was one of the world's leading shipbuilding communities, building some of the worlds best ships and pioneering in the development of steamboat vessels during the Industrial revolution.

We wanted our brand to tell the fascinating history of Inverclyde, from the deep rooted heritage of Inverclyde trading ports to its important role in the smuggling history of the Clyde.

Our unmistakable Lyle Hill anchor

During World War II, France was under Nazi occupation. However, several French troops were evacuated from the country and wanted to still contribute to the war effort. These troops were known as the Free French Forces and continued to fight against the Axis powers after the fall of France. During the war, there was a large Free French Naval Forces base located at Greenock, Inverclyde.

To commemorate their effort and loss of life, this memorial was unveiled in 1946. The memorial is in the shape of the Cross of Lorraine with an anchor at the bottom. This was our inspiration for our highly recognisable Anchor design on our bottle. A symbol not only to signify the strong shipbuilding and nautical history that Inverclyde is known for, but also using the anchor specific to our local region and a well known landmark of the community - not to mention showing the most amazing panoramic views across the Clyde!

The temperance movement of the mid 1800s came with it harsher drinking laws, one of which prohibiting drinking on Sunday’s. Ever the inventors, the Scots found an ingenious loophole to get around this.

Steamboats leaving Port Glasgow every Sunday would take passengers on a long scenic journey to Greenock. As these boats were not on land they could serve alcohol.

The merriment enjoyed on these journeys became legendary and those who partook in it, steamers! The next time you are having an Inverclyde and Tonic remember you are carrying on a long tradition of steamers!

Our Coasts Smuggling History

The views seen from the bays of Inverkip offer more than just stunning scenery, but an infamous location in the late 18th century during the ‘war on smuggling’. Back 300 years ago when Inverclyde was well known for its importing of spirits, the Firth of Clyde became a prime location for whisky smuggling and more specifically bays of Inverkip became a favourite haunt for landing the goods.

Bundles of contraband would float in the bay at night and after an all clear, smugglers would venture out to the bays to retrieve the goods hidden away in cellars or quickly transported to Greenock and Glasgow. Whilst there's little that still links the village back to the colourful history of 18th Century smuggling along the Clyde coast, ‘Smugglers Cave’ stands as a memorial, a few miles behind the town.

The Start-Up Drinks Lab - Home of Inverclyde Gin

Our founders, Hannah Fisher and Craig Strachan, wanted to launch a company that helps drinks brands, regardless of their size, take their products through from concept to shelf in as little as three months.

We have our own, dedicated small batch bottling facility so as well as helping other companies with their visions, we wanted to do something for the people of Inverclyde.

We're really lucky being based at Port Glasgow and have had excellent support locally since we opened, so we thought this would be a great way to do something for local people!

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