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Our New Limited Edition Series: The Tidal Series - First up, Inverclyde Old 'Thom' Gin!

Our New Limited Edition Series: The Tidal Series - First up, Inverclyde Old 'Thom' Gin!

Introducing our new exploratory, limited small batch series - The Tidal Series.

Taking inspiration from the coasts, just as the tides are influenced and powered by the rise and fall of the sea, our series will be influenced by different trends and flavours we see see come over the horizon and their fate ultimately down to the public and which edition gets to stay! 

The high tide has washed ashore our Summer limited editions, but they won’t be here forever. When the tide falls back, you get to decide which get washed away and which stay here for good on our Inverclyde coast...

This new series is a way for our team to get creative with new styles, trends and innovative ideas. But with the changing tide, our new exploratory small batch runs will only be available for a limited period of time with only 250 bottles available of each - when they are gone, they are gone!

We are all about getting our 'steamers' involved in every part of the Inverclyde Gin journey. Therefore through a mix of orders, votes and reviews you get to decide which of your favourite editions get to stay and which goes! When you get the chance to try, don't forget to leave your reviews and vote!

Once the winner is decided, our fantastic new addition will be taking from the Tidal series and gets their place in the core Inverclyde Gin crew, taking the best gin from our Tidal Series Bottles and presenting them into our well - loved Inverclyde Gin core bottles alongside Original Inverclyde Gin Coastal Edition and Port Strength. Make sure to get your votes in so you can enjoy more future batches of your favourite edition. Who knows what each tidal series seasonal release will wash up...


The first Summer Tidal Series limited edition is Inverclyde Old 'Thom' Gin. 

Having explored the coastlines, our ‘Old Thom’ Gin has docked on the mainland to champion our stunning landscapes, renowned industrial heritage and natural flora found on our Inverclyde shore.
The Classic Old Tom Style Gin brings together the subtle dryness of a London dry with a sweet warming finish. Our old ‘Thom’ gin, named after the infamous loch found amongst the stunning scenery of the Greenock Cut, has flavours of elderflower and orange peel for a fresh sweetness, leading to notes of Milk Thistle and Cassia for a warming spice and rich full bodied complexity.
Sweetened by the famous tart flavours of brambles found across our forestry and coastlines, then finished off with creamy caramel notes of golden syrup, an integral element of Inverclyde’s industrial heritage.
Wanting to get your hands on 1/250 bottles of our new Old 'Thom' Gin before it washes back to sea (maybe for good)?
Our next Summer Release will be coming very soon...
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