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Giving our gin its full fresh flavour. Found all over Scotland, these bushes are central to Scotland’s natural history and our distillate reflects this. The bramble adds deliciously tart undertones to our gin for a fresh full bodied flavour.

Golden Syrup

The staple ingredient of our gin which gives our gin its creamy caramel taste and mouthfeel, and the sweetened characterertis staple to the traditional Old Tom style gin.


Native to our local environment, one of the botanicals unique to our coastal character and found along the Inverclyde coastline. It’s a thorny shrub with vibrant orange berries which provide our gin its distinctive tang of costal salinity.

Milk Thistle

With a crispy and salty taste, samphire

bring the distinct coastal taste.

Sweet Orange

A central element to our gin which provides it with the fresh citrus twist and the strongest botanical on the palate. The sweet tang from this botanical is why we hero an orange garnish as our perfect serve.

Cassia Bark

Used only in our Port Strength Edition to balance out the extra harshness of the higher strength of ABV creating the renowned Inverclyde Gin taste with a smooth and punchy finish.


The core required ingredient in all gin.


Giving our gin bitter and herbal tones and faint nettle like scent on the nose.

corriander seed

Central Element to gins signature taste.


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