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Our New Inverclyde Gin Refill Scheme

Our New Inverclyde Gin Refill Scheme

We are striving towards being a more sustainable team, and with that in mind we have decided to introduce the Inverclyde Gin Refill Scheme. Our iconic Inverclyde Gin bottles are just too good to throw away and part with - and now we don't have to!

As a growing business, we are taking more responsibility in our day to day processes and  to reduce our own negative environmental impacts on our planet. Whilst we will be exploring a range of sustainable adaptations and projects over the coming months and years, to kickstart our initiative, we are looking to reduce our waste. With that in mind we introduce to Inverclyde Gin Refill Scheme. 

You only need to buy one bottle of Inverclyde Gin again, your own personal bottle to keep and bring back to us when you need that top up! Saving your money, Saving the planet - and all whilst sipping on that delicious Inverclyde G&T. Wins all round! 

How does this work?

1. When you finished your bottle of Inverclyde Gin, head over to the website and order your Inverclyde Gin Refill.

2.If your a new customer to the refill scheme, we will provide you with your own customer number that will be applied to your bottle which will make that bottle unique to you to return it to you safe and sound. If your a returning customer - include your customer number when adding your refill to the shopping cart

3. To return the bottle to be filled, you can choose for us to collect from you or for you to drop the bottle back to us at our facility. How you chose for the bottle to be returned back to you after its been refilled will be chosen at checkout like all of our regular orders. 

4. Once the bottle has been returned, please allow for 4-7 working days for us to get your next bottle of Inverclyde Gin ready to go!

5.Each time your bottle is filled, we will add another refill strike to your own personal label on the back of the bottle to keep track! 

Competition Time 

The first customer to get 5 strikes on their refill score card and on our database gets a free Inverclyde Gin bottle of choice! 


Check out our Refill Products Below!

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